[solved]Auto vendor



    [solved]Auto vendor

    Post by Guest on 2010-05-13, 9:15 am

    Anh Duy check dùm em, lúc hết MP với HP, nó phù về thành nhưng không kiếm danh y mà toàn về HD tìm con sứ giả thú nuôi. Cứ chạy đi chạy lại thế suốt sad


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    Re: [solved]Auto vendor

    Post by teaCoke on 2010-05-13, 9:35 am

    vuduy wrote:Your item database is corrupted.

    Delete all those items that are in your vending list + database
    Let SINS relearn the items and set it up again.

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    Re: [solved]Auto vendor

    Post by vuduy on 2010-05-13, 9:44 am

    This bug has been fixed in

    (Things got reversed in

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    Re: [solved]Auto vendor

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