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    Post by Kagebunshin on 2010-07-01, 2:20 am

    Hello community.

    Yesterday (30.06.2010) the game MartialEmpires started in the OBT.
    I started to play it and i love it. The game has lots of potential and you can make your chars more unique than in JD. The grafics and the gameplay are nice. I guess best ever seen in present games.
    Has anybody started to play it too? I hope there will be a bot soon.(Maybe vuduy will create one?!)
    The game has monsters that go through the game and attack random players with sayings like "If you are not a bot run away if you wont us to kill you" -I was attacked by them due normal playing- frustrated
    What are your suggestions about it?

    Greetz Kage

    being cool


    Re: MartialEmpires

    Post by Guest on 2010-07-01, 3:37 am

    its kinda like silkroad from what ive read about it, has a Fury Mode, liek the rage thing in silkroad, the combos..


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    Re: MartialEmpires

    Post by Kuchini69 on 2010-07-09, 7:07 pm

    Seems like players from NA and Asia wont be able to play this game..SUCKS!mad

    I really wanna play this game.. weap


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    Re: MartialEmpires

    Post by mjc88 on 2010-10-01, 11:59 pm

    wow it looks pretty cool i think im going to drop pw and play this untill Forsaken World comes out

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    Re: MartialEmpires

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