random bugs?



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    random bugs?

    Post by truongdanh on 2010-10-12, 11:52 pm

    i found this after i uesed sins is i usually got report bug from the game. i dont know that is my pc problem or sins, but i checked without logging sins, and i see it wont happen anymore. that is my report about sins. i gonna find more. hope u can fix it ^^cuz this auto is so great^^


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    Re: random bugs?

    Post by gabber on 2010-10-14, 1:10 pm

    Dc's ain't coming from sins, I don't know much about pc's but anyway if your talking about JD.. i'm playing for like 1.5 year now I had weeks getting 5 dc's a day, sometimes 2 week's no dc.

    Just saying sin's never made me dc more often or less than without.

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