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    Post by pwplayer on 2010-12-27, 4:40 pm

    Just like the tittle said.

    Could add something like a mob list to kill per mob id, i think it very useful, since that pwi (im not sure about the others pwe games) has lots areas where if u always kill only the same mobs it can be really safe and functional even in areas crowded of aggro mobs around.

    Well thats a small sugestion here.

    Keep the great work vuduy.

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    Re: [Sugestion]

    Post by fouryearstrong on 2010-12-28, 1:50 am

    there's already a target filter in sins.

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    Re: [Sugestion]

    Post by mockie on 2010-12-28, 4:18 am

    go to Target tab and tick Enable Filter List. click Refresh and you will see the list of monster names around you. Tick the ones you choose to kill.

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    Re: [Sugestion]

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