Airmobs and returning


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    Airmobs and returning

    Post by Zeomak on 2011-03-17, 6:43 am

    All functions mentioned above work wonerfull. Only problem are airborn mobs (testing in Perfect world international). It dies or goes 2 sell/repair and returns to exactly the same coordinates where it was started, except height. It deactivates the flymount on reaching the location. Then, when it reaches the ground, it activates it again but doesn't start to fight.

    The Messagelog shows nothing unusual (Just either that it revived at town and returns or that it was selling), but it will continue to do that until the bot is stopped and then started again. (With flymount activated manually). From time to time it doesn't even do that. It just stands in the air and changes the direction its facing.

    I DID record a video of it, but I'll have 2 convert it over night since these 2 minutes came out 3 gigabytes.

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    Re: Airmobs and returning

    Post by wongfei888 on 2011-03-17, 6:46 am

    try use format factory to convert viceo brother :)

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